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You can find it in the Katsy online store at the moment  e-gift card!

If you want to make a gift and surprise a baby parents with Kairi Design knitwear, but choosing the right product seems complicated and time consuming, then we have the solution to offer you a e-gift card! You can choose this value yourself and the card is valid for 6 months. You can use the card during its validity period until its limit is used up, also for different orders.

The e-gift card will be sent to the e-mail after the payment is received.

You can use gift card in our e-shop.

NB! You cannot pay for transport with a gift card!

Value of the gift card

10 EUR, 15 EUR, 20 EUR, 30 EUR, 40 EUR, 50 EUR, 60 EUR, 70 EUR, 80 EUR, 90 EUR, 100 EUR, 150 EUR, 200 EUR


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